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The One and Only in Universe - Vivitt Walve

Vivitt Walve, is another name of Dedication. Words fall short to describe this Man and his dedication and investment in all my projects since 2017.

He was Crew Chief in RAAM 2017

Golden Quadrilateral Highway 2021

Team member in Delhi to Nagpur MZM

We created Race Across India together RAAM 2023

His dedication, sincerety and patience towards me and my crazy projects is unmatched. He is only one in Universe who can do this...

His mother was having health problems but still he came to US to be my Crew Chief again in RAAM 2023.

After the hospital episode, when I was riding again. I was thinking about him. I said to myself I had promised Vivitt before RAAM that you will see my best effort in RAAM. You will see the best ever Ghostrider. So I tried to stick to my words. I tried to be my best...

Vivitt as always puts in all his energies when he gets into a project. He handled all the administrative and documentation work with Dilip Warkad Sir for the race. Then during the race he beautifully handled all the crew teams together. Everything went flawless except some instances but that always happens in RAAM. But he handled everything well.

As I said, I am short of words for the dedication of this man and personally indebted to him for rest of my life and may he next life too.

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