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Close your eyes, imagine you on your bicycle riding amidst thick forest. Your friends are riding along with you. You can hear some wild life. You also can see some wild animal if you are attentive enough. There’s a river flowing right besides you in all its gushing glory. The clouds look over cast. There might be rain . It’s a respite for you from this humidity. You cannot see the sky completely thanks to tree cover. Nearest town is at least 50 kms away from you. Your senses are soaking in all that Mother Nature is offering you. Sweat trickles down your forehead, your legs pedal through the curves and elevation.  You have arrived, because here the journey is the destination.

The affair does not end here. Once you are done with the ride of 80 to 100 kms you will be put up in tents or cottages of camps  in the core forest area. After resting for 2 hours you will be called for snacks and small talk to discuss about your ride of the day.

You along with your friends will go on a Jungle trail, spending your evening underneath a waterfall or amidst a misty forest.  Once you are back from your sojourn you will be welcomed with sumptuous hot dinner cooked by our chefs specially curated for you. Post dinner you will be escorted to your tents.  After a tiring day you will be put to sleep early to wake up next day morning a sharp 6.

We have booked the entire Horn Bill Resort on Day 1 & entire Nirmit Park Resort on Day 2. 

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