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If you have any other query apart from those listed below, please email to

  • How do i get official certificate of participation from Guinness World records ?
    You can pay 20 GBP directly to Guinness authorities and get certificate of participation from them. After completing the attempt you can visit and place order directly to Guinness.
  • How do i check if my name is there in final list ?
    Firstly, if you have carried your phone and shot photos/videos during ATTEMPT (only), then there is grim chance your name will be there. If you have taken photos at attempt area A or Attempt area B , then you sholuld immeditaley delete all such content from social media as well as your phone. Then you need to send a mail to declaring that you have deleted all such content. After this ,You can purchase the Guinness Certificate from their website. Guinness verifies with our database & If your name is not there, they will refund the amount back to your account.
  • Do i get the Guinness certificate even if i could not complete any of the two attempts ?
    Yes , you will get.
  • I want to donate to HBC for the wonderful event,how can i ?"
    We have created a lifetime memory for one and all who were part of the event some way or the other From the convener,committee members, sponsors, vendors to the last minute volunteer who joined, everyone is responsible for the victory In undertaking this mammoth exercise we had to incur huge expenses For example : we had planned for 1800 people food, but we had to give food for more than 3500 people Many expenses related to venue beautification , free accommodation are some of the few which we can tell about . We request one and all to donate to HBC in their capacity to help us cover the costs expense We will be indebted for your help. You can contact our treasurer Chintan +919886516885 YOU CAN ALSO TRANSFER TO THE BELOW MENTIONED DETAILS BANK DETAILS BANK NAME : ANDHRA BANK ACCOUNT NAME :HUBBALLI BICYCLE CLUB IFSC CODE : ANDB0000214 ACCOUNT NUMBER: 021410100077832 We will send a letter of appreciation and few HBC merchandise to thank you.
  • I have not got HBC Certificate , what should i do ?"
    Please write a mail to or We will immeditaley help you.
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