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Centenary 400 BRM

An experience of centenary 400BRM Shivanand Adaganti

Eight riders were flagged off in early morning on 22 July at 6 am in monsoon showers for centenary 400BRM. Prasanna and I left Hubballi around 10 am for route marshalling. We met our riders near koppal, riding strongly in tail wind and luckily there was no rain. The route was quite scenic with tunnel, wind mills & hills. I missed this on 🚴‍♂️…We had laughing lunch at small Dabha with all seven riders around 1 pm. Whereas Gulzar bhai had delicious Shavaji meals. 😋

We reached first manned CP (189 km) at panchamuki petrol bunk, kudligi waiting for riders. After all the riders reached & freshened up, filled water in their bottles had energy bars & homemade chapattis, God blessed us all with heavy showers for 20-30 min. Meanwhile Prasanna was busy answering queries in his funny language to drivers/ bunk employees about BRM. Next our journey started towards Harihar –Ranebennur on a single road.

Prasanna & I visited Kottur Basavanna on the way to get the blessings for our riders. But, unfortunately by the time we reached our second manned CP (305 km) at kamat Aahar,Ranebennur three riders had quit. We received all five riders enjoying light shower & heavy head wind at around 1:15 am (day 2) mid night. We energized riders on the way during our journey towards Hubballi. Reached HBC office around 4am morning, waiting for riders in our car with a nap.

I saw someone marshalling (fully covered) our car near HBC office at 5 am, guess who….. yes Karthik a man never sleeps at night. I handed control sheets to him & he dropped me home and I entered my dreamz😴 after 24 hours.

I congratulate all the 🖐️ audacious riders for completing in time.

I enjoyed company of Prasanna.. a man of great patience & energy.

I learnt that it is better to ride than marshalling the route…..😊

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