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Delhi To Wagah Expedition

Explore India On Bicycle – EIOB Cyclists from Hubballi Bicycle Club started exploring India on Bicycle starting with Delhi to Wagah their first ride dedicating to Indian Army, Border Security Force and The Farmers Of India. This is the first time riders from Hubballi Bicycle Club stepped outside Karnataka and did a ride. Another Benchmark has been set for Hubballi Bicycle Club from this ride. Jai Jawan Jai Kisan being their Theme for the year 2023. The following riders rode from Delhi to Wagah (500+ Kilometers) in 3 Days from 20th February 2023 to 22nd February 2023 on bicycle. 1. Prasanna Joshi

2. Shivanand Dandavatimath

3. Shettappa Pirangi

4. Ajay Singh

5. Joseph Anthony

6. Subhash Hangaraki

7. Prashant Hiremath

8. Amit Hosur

9. Gurumurthy BM

The Ride plan of 500 KM was like this:

Hubli To Delhi travel was through Train. 3 Months prior reservations were made for the same and in the Train Parcel VAN all the Cycles were booked. Train Journey started on 17th February 2023, train was around 23:50pm from Shri Siddharoodha Swamiji Station Hubballi and 37 hours was the journey duration. Everyone had their dinner at home, came to the station loaded their cycles into Parcel VAN and got into their respective berths which was allocated. We had got Bread, Jam, Mayonnaise, Sauce, Butter, Chutni, Katak Rotti, Curd, Shrikand and much more eatable stuff which was helpful for the next day’s train journey. Lots of eatable stuffs were available in the train since they had the pantry option for this train. We reached Nizamuddin on 19th February 2023 at around 11:00 am in the morning got our cycles unloaded with the help of Railways Officials and went to the Parcel Office to get our cycles cleared for the Exit Pass. Ajay Singh one of our cyclists had arranged his car for the luggage’s of ours to be taken to the Railway Guest House Gauri Sadan in Delhi. Everyone unpacked the cycle packing which they had done in Hubli and started riding from Railway Station to Guest house which was around 7 Kilometers from there. We Thank Joseph Anthony for arranging our stay at the Guest House of SWR at Delhi. All the riders got freshen up and had their lunch at around 3:00 pm on 19th February 2023 in the Guest House. At around 4:30 pm they all went and started checking for the bikes and tied the Delhi to Wagah name plate which was designed for this particular ride which was customized. Indian flag was also put to the handle bar of all the riders. Some railway officers and some ace cyclists came to meet Joseph Anthony. Few took rest in the guest house and few went to India Gate for the planning of the next day start point location. At 8:00 pm we had a meeting about the dress code of the 3 Days ride and few Do’s and Don’ts during the ride and important instructions. At around 8:30 pm everyone had dinner and went to their bed since they had to wake up at around 4:00 am on 20th February 2023. Day 1 (20th February 2023) – Delhi To Kurukshetra – 170 KM

All the riders woke up early in the morning around 4:00 am and got ready by 5:30 am they started from the Guest House went to India Gate which was around 5 KM from Gauri Sadan. Got some of the photos clicked in front of India Gate and started their ride at sharp 6:00 am from India Gate. Early in the mist and chill climate they covered around 30KM and halted for a Tea Break. Varities of biscuits along with Chai boosted them and started their ride again. At one point which was around 40 – 50 KM there was a Flyover work in process that 10KM stretch which took more than an hour to ride in that heavy traffic. At around 60KM everyone started feeling Hungry they stopped at Punjabi Dhaba and had Paratas Lassi Chai and started again. Next break was around 80-90KM where all the riders stopped for Lunch had Paneer Parata, Roti, Palak Paneer, Rajwa Chawal and Lassi. After lunch again all of them started the ride and the next break was at 30 KM from the lunch point which was 130KM. Time was around 3.30pm Everyone had nice Chai at Chann Haveli Dhaba and started for the last 40KM Ride at around 5:30 pm everyone reached Hotel. Dr Amit made sure everyone had post stretches after the ride which was very much helpful for the riders. 3 rooms were booked for the 9 riders and it was 3 sharing rooms Everyone got into their rooms got fresh and had been told to come for the meeting at around 8:00 pm which was followed with dinner. Riders shared their experience about the ride since it was 170km ride. Some had a confusion since the next day’s ride was around 220 KM and the last days ride was around 125 KM. So the plan was again to do 180KM ride the next day and 3rd days plan was 130KM. But the Route Masters (Shivanand Dandavatimath) plan which was 220 Km on 2nd Day he was not ready to accept this since he wanted major kilometers to be completed the 2nd day and less on the 3rd day. Finally everyone wanted to try their next day’s Endurance Ride which was 220 KM Day 2 (21st February 2023) – Kurushetra To Jalandhar – 220 KM

All the riders woke up in the morning at 3.30 am and started getting fresh and were there sharp at 4:30 am at the parking lot where Dr Amit Hosur had Warmup session pre ride. Everyone started stretching and soon after that they had bread butter jam, sauce, Banana and started their journey towards Jaladhar. At around 6:00 am they spotted one Tea Stall couple of them had Tea along with biscuits and Bun and few just took Tea. Climate was much chill around 9 degree in the morning. Every ride was aware of the climatic condition of Delhi To Wagah and with prior preparation all the necessary stuffs were packed in their baggage. Lot of heavy traffic with vehicles moving at a speed of 80 – 120 KM and in single line all the cyclists were able to reach a hotel (Sagar Ratna) which was 60 KM from Kurukshetra. Everyone was very much hungry they had idlis, rava idli and coffee and the shocking bill came all the way which was around Rs 4000 /- Cost of 1 plate idli was around Rs 180 /- and few were telling the Manager that in this bill Entire Team would had their Breakfast in Hubli or Dharwad. All the riders then started from that hotel, Lots of Flyovers were there in the route where you see houses below the flyovers, They all stopped their ride at around 100KM and had juice and chips at one shop. After a break of around 15 minutes everyone started and at one Famous Punjabi Dhaba they halted for the Lunch which was at around 130KM and time was nearing 1.30 pm. Couple of them took Punjabi Thali ( 6 Parotas with Butter, Rajma, Paneer, Daal). Few ordered Roti along with Paneer sabji. Rice was not available. And for our surprise the bill was around Rs 700 / - We were shocked when asked he said Thali ka Cost Rs 60/-. All the ridersy then stepped into a ice cream parlor which was just after few shops and when the owner came to know that these cyclist from Hubli all the way riding from Delho to Wagah he gave around 10 ice creams and did not charge for the same. He said “aap kisaon keliye aur desh ke liye itna kar rahe ho” hamari taraf se aapke liye ye choti seva. That really touched the hearts of everyone in the team. And on the way many were happy to see our team riding in a single line and the message which was on the Jersey Delhi To Wagah had clarity for them. With the smiles of the faces of the people seeing us they were cheering us. We could feel little head and headwind after the lunch we had to travel around 90 km post lunch. Again roller coaster ride with lots of flyovers everyone managed to reach 180 km took a break at one hotel where they had coffee, tea and snacks which boosted their energy for the last 40 KM Lap. Time was around 6:30 pm Everyone wore the reflective jackets, front and back lights were on and started in a single line. Riding in single line which we had practiced helped us to understand each other ride flow and endurance rides which we had made us easy to follow time management concept to reach the given specific instructions. Finally all the riders reached the Hotel and time was around 8:30pm. Had post ride stretches under the guidance of Dr Amit Hosur and went into their respective rooms and were told to assemble at around sharp 9:30 pm for the dinner and to share ride experience. Everyone gathered at the dinner hall shared their ride experice and were saying that the plan which was 220km was the right decision which was made, since the last ride was just 115KM now for the final destination which was Wagah. Day 3 (22nd February 2023) – Jalanadhar To Attari Wagah Border – 115 KM

Everyone was exited for the last days ride to reach Attari Wagah Border. Everyone got ready at 5:30 am and started at 6:00 am after warmup session they had light breakfast. Started the ride with 115 KM being their target. All the riders took their first break at around 40 Kilometers which was 2 hours and the time was around 8:30 am had the breakfast and then after some time started, at around 10 am they spotted a T shall halted and had garma garam T which boosted them. They all then rode 30 Kilometers and had a juice at one stall time was nearing 11:30 am. Head wind was the challenge which they had to overcome on that day as compared to the rest days. Almost it was nearing the Attari Wagah Border and we all could see the happiness in everyone faces. We spotted a stall where he made fresh ornage juice had it and we were at the Atari Border Checkpost where we could see lot of barricades being put for the security purpose. We were just 1 KM near the board which read as India – Pakistan Border 1 KM. Took couple of pics over there then headed to the main gate of Attari Border couple of BSF Check post personals asked us from where we came and they helped us to park our cycles at one place and we locked the cycles. The happiness on everyone faces after reaching Attari Border was just as a feeling of A Dream Come True. We reached there at around 2 and were told that the entry gates will be open from 3:30 pm. We had our lunch at the shops which were near to the entry gate. Time was now around 3:30 pm we saw couple of people heading towards the entry gates. We took our documents and specified the names to the BSF person and we were led into the VIP Section. Inside we were sitting just almost 10 – 20 Meters near to the Attari Wagah Border Gate and could see the lowering of the flags ceremony which is being practiced since 1959.

Thank You Joseph Anthony (Senior Protocol Officer to GM / SWR), Indian Railways, South Western Railways Hubli for loading / Unloading of Cycles in parcel Van and ensuring the safety of the cycles if not we would had problem in fixing the damages.Northern Railways for safely loading / unloading of cycles without any damage and further loading to Hubli. Comfortable Train Journey with comfortable reservation and Quality of food / cleanliness

Thanks to Shivanand Dandavatimath's friend from Armed Forces for arranging VIP Passes at Attari Wagah Border. They were kind enough to arrange 9 passes for the 9 cyclists of HBC honoured us with due respect allowing us to take photos on Parade Path.

Most of the State / Central Officials came forward to help us in our successful completion of event in Delhi to Wagah by cycle.

Even on the road side Dhaba run by Punjabi’s offered free food and greeted us with smile and they were so proud of us which boosted our morale. One of the BSF Official stopped us at Attari BSF Office by seeing the logo of HBC. He being from Udupi spoke to us in Kannada also arranged for passes. Ajay Singh one of our 9 cyclists who lives in Delhi was very helpful in arranging a support vechile and ensured our comfortable stay at Kurukshetra and Jalandar

We are grateful for our sponsors Sri CHSV Prasad - M D Swarna, Ajay Bongale - J G Khatawkar & Co. and Plus Surgicals who arranged colourful jerseys for this event.

One more milestone. One more Benchmark has been created for Hubballi Bicycle Club.

This was the first time Event organised out of state 500 KM in 3 Days under the banner of Hubballi Bicycle Club lead by Chairman Prasanna Joshi and Secretary Shivanand Dandavatimath.

All the 9 Cyclists completed 500 KM in 3 Days from Delhi to Attari Wagah Border successfully.

We experienced Punjabi Traditional Food, Lassi , Varities of Parotas, Kulchas, Peta, Chats, Falunda etc. The travelling experience and togetherness bonding for long journey, ordering food eating together this created a strong understanding and rejuvenated our mind. We happen to exchange ideas, share our views and thoughts. Everyone's involvement was there during the event with full co operation and got adjusted to all the situations.

Thank You Hubballi Bicycle Club for this expedition.

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