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10000 KMs

Happy to say that one of my goal i achieved of 2019-2020 with 10000 KMs in 220 Rides with 70 rides of 50 KMs and 20 rides of 100 KMs. Well i had set my mind to achieve this goal for this year and with dedication,hardwork,commitment and mindset i was able to complete this. During the Lockdown i was just thinking wheather i wud be able to make it or not and after the post lockdown HBC came up with Quarterly Challenge Event where i could make 6500 KMs (1st Month 1800 KMs 2nd Month 2020 KMs and 3rd Month 2500 KMs) which helped me to cope up with the rides which i had not done during the lockdown.

Thank You one and all for being part of my rides and inspiring me to achieve this. And i am grateful to be part of Hubballi Bicycle Club where you can see lots of ongoing events happening and challenges which they are conducting.

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