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Why are we attempting the record ?

We are organizing the event and attempting to break the record to create global awareness about respecting the cyclists & taking up cycling as a mode of commuting to office/work spaces. 

This attempt aims at getting pride & honor for our Motherland India when we Indians will create history.

Cyclists are the most important component of a vibrant society.In today's world , motorists & four wheel drivers drive recklessly without respecting cyclists on the road. Incessant honking is also a major problem. Citizens should realize the need to respect cyclists. 

When we attempt the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS ™ on 26th January 2019 with more than 2000 cyclists , we will send a message to the whole world about respecting the cyclists on the road. The event of this magnitude will induce respect in the hearts of motorists and our presence will be felt. This is the sole reason behind attempting the record. 

Download the brief itinerary here


A detailed document for the attempt by Guinness Authorities is available for download here


1. This record is for the longest single line of moving bicycles.

2. Any type of commercially available bicycle may be used by the participants.

3. There must be no significant gaps in the line, and the maximum distance between two bicycles must be no more than three bike lengths. Part of the record challenge is to keep this formation over the whole distance of the course.

4. The minimum distance the single line of bicycles must cover in formation is 3.2 km (2 miles) from the starting point to the finish (all vehicles must cross the start line and drive the length of the route to the finish line). The line of bicycles must stay in formation for the entire duration of the distance


5. The line/chain must be single file – if there are places where this is not the case, only the central line will be counted.


6.The length of the line created by the cycles may be recorded for interest but is not relevant to the record attempt.


7. All cycles participating in this attempt must be moving – it is not acceptable merely to park them in a row.


8. If a cycle cannot complete the route, that cycle must be deducted from the total count.


9. The entire attempt must be filmed.


10. The start and finish of the route must be monitored by uncut video, which must be submitted with the evidence. The counting process must be clearly visible in the frame of the video. A


11. An aerial photo of the vehicles or a photo showing the parade must be submitted, in addition to the standard photos of the attempt when under duration.

What is the current record ?

The record "Longest single line of bicycles" was initiated by United States of America in October 2010 with 914 cyclists and it was recognized by the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS ™ Team. 

After 5 years of the record, in 2015 Cyclist Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina broke the record by riding 984 bicycles.

The current record is held by Bangladesh with 1186 Cyclists riding for 3.2Kms at an event held in December 2016. 

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