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TollFree 300 BRM

Toll Free 300 BRM Leg I – Hubli to Bagewadi Toll – 150 km

Leg II – Hubli to Haveri – 150 km Another fantastic 300 BRM organized from Hubballi Bicycle Club with first time as Ride Responsible Stewart Lagali who gave his 200% dedication for the beautiful execution of this. Kudos to his entire team which included Shettappa Pirangi Sir, Sooraj Kulkarni Bhai, Subhash Hangaraki Ji, Gurumurthy Sir, MRM Rao Sir, Dr Shravan Pandit Sir and Haveri Team for supporting him in execution of the same. 13 had registered for this event from Hubballi Bicycle Club, Bangalore Randonneurs and Konkan Randonneurs. Leg I – Hubli to Hirebagewadi Toll and Back – 150 km Riders started coming from 5.30 am onwards since reporting was 5.30 am and Flag Off 6.00 am. Me along with Prasanna Joshi Sir started our ride with discussion about our break strategy. All my rides with Prasanna Sir was the Marshall with his proper planning used to guide us on reaching the CP point taking break. He was telling me the Target to reach the First CP as 10.00 to 10.30 am. Climate was pleasant favoring the ride. We had our first break at Hotel Gajaraj Palace Kittur 50km from Hubli had Idli wada and tea filled our water bottles and started heading towards our first manned CP that was 1 km from Hirebagewadi Toll which was Basavanna Statue,Basaveshwar Circle, Hirewagewadi. When we were nearing to that point we could see Stewart Bhai with HBC Flag waiting for the riders with hydration. Banana Chikki, water and Electoral packets were available for the riders. We reached that point around 9.20 am. I went to the nearby shop got soda asked that guy salt and mixed it. Me and Prasanna Sir had that which boosted our energy. We started heading towards Hubli back. Prasanna Sir had prior told that we will have something again at the same location where we had our breakfast, we started and after some time I was not able to see Prasanna Sir since he had got nice pace. My bike was not moving atal I was just checking for the flat tyre or less air. I started scrolling till I reached that Hotel again we had idli filled our water bootles took pepsi and started towards Hubli. Now the challenge started for us was heat and on that we had to ride till Hubli on tar road which was a challenge as well. Meantime I was analyzing what went wrong with my bike. With the heat on the peak on the roller coaster terrain we were able to reach Dharwad stopped at some point took Minutes Maid Pulpy Orange juice had Fuse chocolates and started moving towards Hubli. I called upon Subhash and asked him to get Chain Lube since I had figured out that main cause of my bike not moving was improper degrease and lubrication. Prasanna Sir had told me that the target to reach Sugar and Spice the 2nd manned CP by 2.00 pm, we reached there around 2.08 pm and were happy to see Gurumurthy Sir welcoming the riders. We started chatting with him along with having our lunch. We had Aloo parota, rice and dal, ordered for mango and butterscotch ice cream. I cleaned my bike chain with tissue paper and cotton cloth and used the lube. Most of the riders were down because of the heat. Leg II – Hubli to Haveri and back – 150km

We started around 3.08 pm almost 1 hour we had time to finish the lunch and taking rest. Initial 15km till we reached Tadas we were just scrolling because of heat and headwind. We wanted to have tea stopped near Tadas, had Tea and started towards Haveri, our next break point was Bankapur Toll. We reached there filled our water bottles and started heading towards Haveri. Climate was now very much pleasant as it was cloudy as well. We got good pace and when we saw the Haveri board which was 6km it was drizzling, we reached the Haveri CP which was Pandit Hospital and were welcomed by MRM Rao Sir, Dr Shravan Pandit Sir along with his team. Antin Undi (Energy Booster) along with chikki, banana and water was avaible for us for the hydration. Around 7.00 pm we reached. Hydration plays an important role in long rides, we went to the nearby Basaveshwar Khanawali and had jolad rotti and rice. Now for us the next challenge was it started raining Prasanna Sir asked me what to do, I just said him lets put on the Rain Jackets and lets start scrolling. We wore rain jackets and started scrolling with planning our next break point which was Bankapur Toll, we reached there had cup of tea and started again, there was a continuous rain and we thought that our pace would reduce, but it did not alter, we were enjoying the rain, sine we had the intention to complete the ride. We stopped at Ganesh Hotel had Coffee and started heading towards our last CP which was Sai Pariwar. Finally we were able to reach our final destination point around 11.15 pm and we were welcomed by Subhash, Stewart Bhai, Sooraj Bhai, Karthik Anna and Shettappa Sir. They hugged us and congratulated us. We had a photo shoot as well, along with cake cutting.

Thank You Hubballi Bicycle Club

A Big Salute to Prasanna Joshi Sir, Shettappa Pirangi Sir and Subash Hangaraki.

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