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The Goan Affair 200 BRM

One more fantastic and most waited Signature ride of Hubballi Bicycle Club The Goan Affair 200 BRM was very well planned and executed under the Ride Responsible of Anand Baid and Ride Incharge Sooraj Kulkarni. Each and every thing was planned well in advance with lots of affort to make sure that nothing gets missed out and each and everyone should not only feel that this was a Brevet rather to take it like a casual fun ride and Yes offcourse it was like the same. I Thank Kishore Raiker, Anand Singh Mokashi, Chintan Shah for supporting them in this Signature Event. Thanks to Prasanna Joshi and Shettapa Pirangi for calling upon riders to get their registration done, Kaustubh Saushikar for managing Event at Goa, Subhash Hangaraki, Naman Hangaraki, Er Gulzar Ahmed, Shrikant Mayannavar and Santoshgouda Patil for their precious time for being available at start point and end point. Thanks to Karthik Irappannavar, Sooraj Kulkarni and Raghavendra Pai for managing this event and taking care of the luggages of the riders. The Goan Affair name was given lots of votes when it was asked in the group to decide the name for the Goa BRM. Thanks to Kiran Heblikar for this name. I thank all the participants from Haveri and Hubballi who not only were part of the journey but also made sure that their friends too joined this ride and enjoy the Brevet. HBC's Signature rides are always important since it has its own Uniqueness. Veeranarayan Kulkarni and Ajay Bongale were very much happy since one of their dream of becoming a Randonneur was fulfilled. We Thank Goa Cyclists for supporting us at the end point and giving valueable inputs wrt rides amd hydration. Myself and many others missed this rides bcoz of various reasons. In this rides there was an elevation of arnd 1800 m and as per the analysis it was a real challenging and Hats Off to all the Hot Riders who rode when the temperature was high. Learnings from the ride always start riding with proper hydration, good amount of water intake and short breaks of you are feeling uneasy, proper sleep a day before the ride is recommended. Post ride lots of fluid intake for 2 days and a recovery walk, run or ride. Relaxing in swimming pool recovery is faster. I hope these tips which i did happen to analyse will be helpful for many for riders. Looking forward for many Randonneurs and Super Randonneurs.

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