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Spider 600 Route 2.0

A beautiful concept of 600 BRM designed by Karthik Irappannavar from Hubballi Bicycle Club which happened on 26th February 2022.

18 Participants registered for this 600 BRM from Hubballi Bicycle Club, Bangalore Randonneurs, Tri Goa Foundation and Venugram Cycling Club.

Some were just waiting for ther Super Randonneur Title with the completing of this ride.

There was a briefing session a day prior to the ride and disclaimer forms were signed and instructions were given about the route condition and about climate.

Early Morning on 26th March 2022 riding started coming to Rani Chennamma Circle which was the start point

Reporting Time was 5:30 am in the morning, Hot Idli along with Tea was arranged for the riders.

17 riders were ready for the Flag Off.

Spider 600 Route 2.0

Leg I - Hubli to Yellapur and back (150 km)

Leg II - Hubli to Lakkundi and back (150 km)

Leg III - Hubli to Haveri and back (150 km)

Leg IV - Hubli to Ramnagar and back (150 km)

600 BRM seemed to be combination of Scorching Dry Heat, Horrific Headwinds, Chilly Night and Mind Boggling Climbs with 4500 Elevation.

Sleep Deprivation, Under preparation, Health Issues, Heat Stroke, Broken Derailleur, Multiple Consecutive Punctures leading to time loss, Mixed Weather Conditions are some of the reasons for those who could not finish.2 were late finishers showing their true sportsmanship by completing this BRM despite the time limit.

Hubballi Bicycle Club aspires to keep conducting such amazing yet challenging BRMs to provide an enthralling experience to all its participants.

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