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Shettappa Pirangi's SR memories


As u all know cycling is beautiful way to be fit but also it is a nature saver and this one has no age limit...

I am the cyclist from the biggest event that ever happened in India that is "Guinness_Book_Of_World_Records" Hubballi bicycle club is the only club that made me to be an enthusiastic cyclist and from that day I became a cyclist.

As u all know Hubballi Bicycle Club conducted various events like #FSOM, #RADHE, #NIGHT_RIDES, #BRM's and i am lucky that i have participated in all those multi events.

Even though all these events from HBC, Me, Manju and Er.Gulzar sir, made a tour from top to bottom of Karnataka targeted with 1111kms, in 8 days of ride special thanks to Er.Gulzar sir.

It is the continued part of all the above mentioned events, tours and long ride. "Super_Randanneur" it's a title for cyclist where he can earn that title by riding 200,300,400,600 kms in one year of calender and iam proud that i finished these ride in Hubballi Bicycle Club in this 2019-20 calender year

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