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Scorpion 600 BRM 16 Super Randonneurs in last Audax Calender 2021-2022

One more Fantastic Scorpion 600 BRM under the Ride Responsible of Shettappa Pirangi and Ride Incharge Siddu Kuballi happen to be successful with 19 riders from Hubballi, Belgaum, Bagalkot, Haveri and Bengaluru

First Time in the History of HBC 19 riders who had registered were attempting their Super Randonneur Title Ride amoung which 16 were able to complete and 3 could not complete due to health issues.

Fantastic and Beautiful Scorpion Concept designed by Karthik Irappannavar for 600 BRM with 1st Leg towards Davangere and back 2nd leg towards Kerur and back and 3rd and last leg towards Kittur and back with around 3200 Elevation.

Hats Off to 2 Strong Lady Riders who were part of this Scorpion 600 BRM.

Hats Off to all the Strong Finishers and those who attempted this Scorpion 600 BRM.

There is always a learning from the BRMs those who attempt will come to know about it.

We would like to Thank Siddu Kuballi for taking Ride Incharge Responsiblity and giving 100% dedication for the same.

Thank You Satish Annigeri, Kaustub Saushikar, Gulzar Ahmed, Subhash Hangaraki, Naman Hangaraki, Siddu Kuballi, Prashant Hiremath, Tejas Hiremath, Ajay Bongale, Shivanand Adaganti, Karthik Irappannavar and Vashisht Anchatgeri for being available for the Flag Off.

Thank You Karthik Irappannavar for managing 2nd CP which was Davangere, Prasanna Joshi and Shivanand Dandavatimath for managing 5th CP which was Kerur, Shivanand Adaganti and Prashant Hiremath for managing 7th CP which was Kittur, Sooraj Kulkarni for being supportive to Siddu Kuballi from Start till End of the Scorpion 600 BRM, Vikas Jain, Sooraj Kulkarni, Prashant Hiremath, Shivanand Dandavatimath, Subhash Hangaraki, Ajay Bongale and Siddu Kuballi for managing the end point which was Sai Pariwar and Thank You Sainath Irkal for supporting us by providing their premises for the riders to get their pics clicked in front of the Standiees.

Thanks to all the riders who were part of this Scorpion 600 BRM.

Looking forwards for your particpation in our upcoming events and BRMs.

We are having one 1200 LRM on 21st December 2022, Two 1000 KM BRM one on 23rd February 2023 and another one on 7th September 2023, 5 Days SR on 25th January 2022 and One Month SR in October 2023 in our Audax Calender 2022-2023

_#Respect Cyclists_

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