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Sankeshwar 300 BRM

Sankeshwar 300 BRM - Fantastic Sankeshwar 300 BRM organised by Hubbali Bicycle Club under Ride Responsible - Kaustub Saushikar along with Route Marshals Karthik Irappannavar, Ajay Bongale and Shivanand Adaganti.

12 Strong riders from Hubballi, Haveri, Tri Goa Foundation and We R Cycling were part of this event.

This 300 BRM was a challenging one wrt Elevation, Too much of Heat (40 degree) in the afternoon, Headwind, Cold and Heavy Rain.

Thanks to Er Gulzar Ahmed, Subhash Hangaraki along with his 2 kids Naman and Tanmay, Shivanand Adaganti, Ajay Bongale, Shridhar Mayannavar and Karthik Irappannavar for being available at the start point of the event.

We Thank the riders from Tri Goa Foundation - (Jaganath Hede and James Lopes) and We R Cycling - NH Nandu for coming all the way from Goa and Mangalore for our event.

A big salute for Karthik Irappannavar, Shivanand Adaganti and Ajay Bongale for Managing the End Point and also for the Route Marshall. They made sure from the First rider till the last rider were riding safe throught this BRM.

And how can i forget to Thank the people who were waiting for the riders at the End Point to welcome them - Subhash Hangaraki along with Naman and Tanmay, Kaustub Saushikar, Siddalingappa Kuballi, Prashant Hiremath, Shivanand Adaganti, Ajay Bongale and Karthik Irappannavar. With lots of volunteers being available at the end point the energy of the riders boosted.

NH Nandu became Super Randonneur who recently completed his LEL(London–Edinburgh–London 1500 KM to be completed in ).

Shreeporn Naik and Tejas Hiremath who recently completed their 200 BRM recently attempted this 300 BRM and completed.

Kudos to Satish Annigeri (Inspiration for many riders) and Prasanna Joshi (Chairman HBC) who are both 50+ years for attempting this 300 BRM and completing.

Kudos to Thimmesh Kumar and Dr Amit Hosur (who also met his 4 best school buddies at the U Turn point) who attempted this 300 BRM and completed.

Kudos to Shettappa Pirangi and Shivanand Dandavatimath who made sure all riders complete this 300 BRM also completed.

One rider was not able to complete this ride because of multiple punchures and technical issues.

This was the Last 300 BRM of the Audax Calender for the year 2020-2021.

We have upcoming 400 BRM (8th October 2022, 200 BRM (16th October 2022) and 600 BRM (28th October2022) in this month.

We are looking for more riders to become Randonneur and Super Randonneur in our upcoming BRMs.

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