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Pickle 300 BRM

Pickle 300 BRM the second BRM ride of the Audax Calender 2022-2023 marking 8 riders from Hubballi, Haveri, Amingad, Bagalkot and Bangalore seemed to be a fantastic one under Ride Responsbile Subhash Hangaraki.

Beautiful Scenic route all the way with strong 8 riders all of them finishing strong.

The route was Hubli (Start Point Oaks 2.0, Vidyanagar) Hangal Bus Stand - Shridhar International School, Bhadrapur - Kamat Aahaar Veg Restaurant, Ranebennur - Bankapur Toll Gate, Bankapur and end at Oaks 2.0.

Kudos to all the riders for finishing on time.

300 BRM - Time Frame - 20 Hours

Kirti Chalam who rode on fixie (single gear) and completed this ride at Day 1 - 21.36 hours followed by Sunil Kalagi and Santosha Angadi who rode on MTB wearing a pressure band for his slip disk problem completing at Day 1 - 23.43 hours. Anil Kumar the next strong rider on MTB completed at Day 2 00.52 hours and the last 4 riders Prasanna Joshi, Shettappa Pirangi, Thimmesh Kumar Sampalli and Tejas Hiremath completed at Day 2 1:51 hours. A very strong way of support and motivation by each and everyone to complete this ride.

Special Thanks to Shivanand Adaganti, Kaustubh Saushikar, Joseph Anthony, Siddalingappa Kuballi, Naman Hangaraki, Prashant Hiremath, Subhash Hangaraki, Anand Baid, Kishore Raiker, Shreeporn Naik and Shridhar Mayannavar for being available at the time of Flag Off.Subhash Hangaraki and Shivanand Dandavatimath for route marshelling.MRM Rao, Dr Shravan Pandit at Haveri.

Special Thanks to Prashant Hiremath, Siddu Kuballi, Kaustubh Saushikar, Karthik Irappannavar, Ajay Bongale, Shivanand Adaganti, Subhash Hangaraki and Shivanand Dandavatimath for being available to welcome the riders at the end point till 2 am in the morning.

Thank You all for participating in this Pickle 300 BRM and looking forward for many of our upcoming BRM's.

Please do mark the dates for our coming events and plan accordingly.

10th December 2022 - 400 BRM

21st December 2022 - 1200 LRM (First Time we are doing)

25th January 2023 - 5 Days SR (First Time we are doing)

Need each and everyones support for the same.

Hubballi Bicycle Club


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