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Opportunity for Super Randonneurs

So you enjoy cycling . It gives you a high seeing those kudos on Strava ? Ah ! Posting morning Ride pics is another level of adrenaline gush. That routine of religiously waking up before the sun and taking your cycle out has brought tremendous positive change in our lives. What more ? Even your friends are from cycling community.Give yourself a moment and think

Hubballi Bicycle Club conducts brevets every month. All our efforts from FSOMs to Cyclotsava are aimed to create Class Cyclists . We are conducting brevets every month.

We are on anvil of conducting a SR series of 200-300-400-600 .

Imagine, being in Hubli you can be a SR by February 2021.

Please do not miss such a golden opportunity.

Where is this taking me ? Yes your Strava numbers are increasing. May be you have lost a inch or two around your waist . And the dopamine release everyday is making you glow. But ultimately where are you heading ?

How many more days you will ride the same number of kilometers ? Don’t you feel there as to be progression ? Most of us are like boats 🚣‍♂️ which can only sail near the coast. It’s time to up our game a notch higher. You know you can do better than that every morning 30 kms routine.

Time is now !

Let’s nurture a dream !

What dream ?

A dream to become a Super Randonneur

Who knows, you might be the next SR of our club.

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