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NH 48 600 BRM

NH 48 name itself specifies National Highway 600 BRM Another Fantastic 600 BRM organized by Hubballi Bicycle Club was a challenging ride since it was a mixture of elevation, hot climate, cold, extreme rain and headwind. Thank You Karthik Irappannavar for this challenging route design as well as route marshalling. Hats Off for your dedication and effort in route marshalling and organising along with your Team. Total 12 riders had registered for this event from Hubballi, Belgaum and Bangalore. 7 people were in line for the Super Randonneur and in that 1 was for Doube Super Randonneur and 1 Triple Super Rondonnuer. Riders started coming from 5.30 am onwards since reporting was 5.30 am and as usual the disclaimer form was signed from all the riders and bike check wrt Front and Rear Lights, Helmet and reflective jacket was done and Flag off was at 6.00 am. Leg I – Hubli to Tavandi and Leg II – Hubli to Davangere Weather was Beautiful and Pleasant at the start and the route was a roller coaster one with 2 big climbs. Though I had a short ride with Siddalinga Swamy Sir grabbed lot of information regarding the preparation for the rides. Since hydration plays an important role in big rides we took a break at Dharwad and had our breakfast and started moving, another break was at Kittur filled the water bottles and had breakfast again. There was a proper plan and Prasanna Joshi Sir was keeping on telling us the next break point which was near Hirebagewadi Toll had juice and chips and started again. When we were nearing Belgaum we started feeling hungry stopped at some small road side hotel and had set dosa and tender coconut and started again and after almost 11 the climate was hot with headwind. And since it was a cement road riders experienced more hot. Check Point was at Hotel Goa Ves Tavandi, riders started coming and had their lunch, took rest and started again. All the riders had arrived and signed on the control sheet and left to Hubli back. We had dal kitchdi, curd rice and sweet lassi and left Tavandi. Return we could cover with good speed and took few breaks with rest had juice, soda with salt and had tea at some stall and started riding again. It was nearing 9.00 pm we stopped at New Mulla Dhaba had butter roti mix vegetable baji and when we were nearing Hubli it started raining heavily at Navanagar there was water till the knee we stopped the cycle and walked for around 50-100 meters. The time we reached Hubli it was 12.30 am 10th October Shettappa Sir, Gurumurthy Sir Naman and Tanmay (Subhash’s sons) Karthik Anna welcomed us. Subhash was asking me what needs to be done since it was raining heavily. Even I felt let’s give up not to take risk in such a weather condition, but since I wanted to compete Subhash SR series somehow I had to convenience myself let give a try.Took shower in Sai Pariwar had dal kitchdi and started around 1.30 am. When we were nearing Tadas I was feeling too much sleepy, slightly cycle was shaky I came to know I need to take break, I checked with Subhash he was also feeling sleepy, we stopped I kept alarm for 15 min and look a power nap at some foot path and started riding again and when we reached Bankapur Toll we got freshen up at Petrol Bank and after that at 2 places the road condition was extreme bad almost 3 – 5 km we were moving in slow pace in dust. Stopped at Kamat near Shiggaon had Wada, Poori, Tea and started again. It was extreme hot climate with headwind the time we reached Davangere with 2 more breaks in mid. Karthik Anna came at the Control Point which was SS Mall Davangere. We had tender coconut and lime juice started rolling. After some time Raju Nayak Sir, Prasad Parmaj and Vijay Kamat Ji came we had Sugar cane juice filled the water bottle and started scrolling again. We stopped at some dhaba had dal kitchdi lassi took soda and water bootle and started. After some time when I checked with the distance we had to cover almost 130 km there came one more challenge heavy rain started we wore rain coat and started scrolling, we could not stop the ride coz we would have fallen short of time. Almost 50 km strech we rode in rain. Within in With lorries, busses and cars moving beside us water was splashing on us, it was like tides in the beaches hitting on us, me and Subhash were seeing each other’s face and were laughing like anything. When we were nearing Bankapur Toll rain almost stopped. Had Tea with chips and started scrolling. We had covered almost 585 km we did not think on anything but last 15 - 20 km every kilometer we started counting. And finally Hubballi Bicycle Team guys and BRM Team was just waiting for the last rider’s arrival. We reached at around 9.30 pm, Subhash and me hugged each other and the smile on his face will be a lifetime memory and it was the proud moment for me since the dedication, hard work and commitment Subhash had put for this Super Ranonneuring series finally made his Dream come true.

Karthik Anna and Shettappa Pirangi Sir well organised. In this ride we had terrific riders like Satish Krishnan, Madhu Mandanna, Siddalinga Swamy, Sushma Swamy, Raju Nayak, Prasad Parmaj, Vijay Kamat, Prasanna Joshi, Subhash Hangaraki. A big Salute for Satish Krishnan Sir for becoming SR, Madhu Mandanna for his Third SR this year, Sushma Swamy madam for becoming the Super Randonneur and motivator Siddalinga Swamy Sir who rode along with madam. Salute for Vijay Kamat Ji and Prasad Parmaj and Raju Nayak Sir for motivating them with his Double SR. Prasanna Joshi Sir and Sooraj Kulkarni Bhai for motivating Subash Hangakari for his Super Randonneur. Happy to say that I contributed one more Super Randonneur for Hubballi Bicycle Club.

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Subhash Gurumurti Hiremath
Subhash Gurumurti Hiremath
11 de out. de 2021

Hearty congratulations to all participants. This is the unforgettable experience

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