Mind & Body Nirvana ride to Mahabaleshwar

Few years back I had purchased a BTWIN Riverside Hybrid cycle. I had been cycling approximately 20 km to 30 km on a daily basis in and around Hubli City and I was really excited to do more than that on a given day . I discussed this with my mentor Satish Annigeri sir and proposed the idea of going to Mahabaleshwar on the holiday for Holi in the month of March 2015. Sir was also instantly excited and we immediately posted the message in the whatsapp group and wanted some like minded people to join us.We were fortunate to have Adarsh Kumar, Karthik Irappannavar and Shrinivas Reddy who could join us on this beautiful ride.

we had purchased a Thule bike career which could carry 3 bikes and we hired a Tavera in which we could mount another two cycles on the carrier, so totally 5 cycles could be transported along with us. We started from Hubballi at 5.30PM on Saturday,7th March 2015.We picked up Adarsh Kumar Belgaum where he has working for a company.

The startpoint at Hubballi from Reddy sir home

Adarsh picked at Belgaum from his home

we had an amazing time together,stopping at many roadside eatery having tea,coffee, junk food and what not. I can recollect how Karthik was very excited to have burger at McDonalds in Kolhapur back when we did not have a McDonald's in Hubballi .

It was 9.30Pm when we had burger & lemon tea at McDonalds and headed towards Karad.

we reached Kharad and planned to have our dinner over there because it was already around 11 o'clock when we were in Karad so we thought we should finish your dinner here and we had a very good Maharashtrian meals at a hotel

we headed towards Satara & reached approximately at 12:30 in the night and we checked into a hotel at around 1 o'clock. We were all very tired and wanted to sleep but Mr Karthik would not sleep. He and Annigeri Sir were in one room & Myself, Srinivas Reddy and Adarsh Kumar where in another room. we instantly slept as the ride would start at 5.30,just 4 hours away. Mr Karthik with his laptop, I don't know why he carried his laptop all the way ? he was on his laptop watching a movie and he was asking Annigeri sir to speak to him because he was feeling lonely ;-) . Eventually Annigeri Sir also had 4 hours of sleep.

We got up by around five o'clock as we have to start the ride as early as possible in the morning because it was only riding Uphill almost the entire day.We had freshly prepared noodles and green tea in the morning.

From Satara there are various routes which go towards Mahabaleshwar. Satara is at elevation of around 700 mtrs. from Satara to Mahabaleshwar single straight road does not have a lot of undulations which is being taken by most tourist. Distance towards the hill station is only 60 kms. But our plan was to go round about, make it a 95 km cycle ride and reach Mahabaleshwar by the end of the day. It was a chilly morning. At 6AM we all started the ascent which was completely an uphill ride all through for the next 25 km from the start point.

As soon as you start the ride, it is only climbing for the next 25kms.

The view 10 kms from Satara startpoint

We witnessed the most beautiful Sunrise over the Satara city and were in awe of the beauty of nature.

A sunrise you dont want to miss

We took almost 1 hour 30 minutes to reach to the Ridge which was around 25 km from the start point at Satara the ridge was at an elevation of 1200 M and views where simply astounding. We had a very good time took a lot of photographs at the location.

Group photo at the ridge

kartik & Adarash riding on the ridge with valley on both sides

We were hopeful that we will have a very good Downhill right from here but that was not the case, because we have to do another Uphill ride to reach the Kaas plateau which is the valley of flowers in this part of our country. So we again started riding and it was again Uphill riding we went almost upto around 1400 m and we reached the Kaas plateau. There were not many flowers because it was not the season when we reached there but the views were beautiful.

At the KAAS plateau

We started from there and we needed to reach a point called Bamnoli which was a complete Downhill ride of around 25 km We enjoyed the pure Downhill Adrenaline Rush and we reached the lake of bamnoli which is adjoint to the dam.

The lake was beautiful and we felt in solitude.When we reached the bamnolli village, there was a huge speaker setup for a local function. During this entire 70 KM ride up to Tapola we stopped at least 8 to 9 times. Most times we had bread butter jam,snacks, bhujia, fruits, chickis, mix fruit juice and what not. few times when we stopped we actually danced on the road with a music playing inside the Tavera. We were passing many small villages and observing the different cultures. There was small little functions going on. We became a part of one such gathering and dance there.

Kartik gave up at this point due to multiple issues with his cycle. It was already 12 Noon and sun was shining like never before. It was getting very hot & humid.

From bamnoli we had to ride approximately 35 km to reach a place called Tapola which is called Mini Kashmir in this part of India. The strange thing about this 35 km was it was a continuous Uphill and downhill hair pin curves. So, you basically ride uphil for 1-2km & then you ride downhill for 1-2 kms. There were approximately 25 such hair pin curves as we were riding on the foothills of the mountains. It was a very very irritating 35 kms

Adarsh Kumar gave up just 10 km before reaching Tapola. It was just me ,Annigeri sir and Srinivas Reddy who are riding this difficult part.

Due to change in bike, Adarsh gave up