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Four bagged Randonneur Title

Anavatti 200 BRM - Another Fantastic 200 BRM was conducted by Hubballi Bicycle Club under the Ride Responsible of Prasanna Joshi. 16 cyclists registered for this event from Vijayapura,Haveri and Hubballi amoung which 4 cyclists (Prof Shivanand Adaganti, Tejas Hiremath, Shreeporna Naik and Chandra Mohan) attempted their first time 200 BRM and bagged Randonneur Title. Shivaraj Patil bagged his Super Randonneur Title from this event.Few riders rode 200 BRM after a very long time gap too.

Hubballi Bicycle Club conducts many rides and events which is helping people to get Randonneur and Super Randonneur Title.

Flag Off was done by Iron Man - Shreekanth Deshpande along with Prof Satish Annigeri, Karthik Irappannavar, Er Gulzar Ahmed and Shettappa Pirangi.

Oaks 2.0 was the start point for the riders with 1st Self Control Point Hanagal KSRTC Bus Stand which was 72 kilometers from the Start Point. Next control point was Varadhashree Tea Point, Thallur which is 104 kilometers from the start point. 3rd Control Point was Agadi Thota, Tadas which was 173 kilometers from the Start Point after the U Turn and End was at Sugar N Spice which was on the National Highway 48.

At the u turn point (Varadhashree Tea Point, Thallur) lunch (Color Rice along with eggs and some bajjis and Jamoon) was arranged by Thimmesh Kumar Sampalli. We Thank him for his support for the same.

We Thank Prof Satish Annigeri and Karthik Irappannar for supporting us at the Start Point, U Turn Point and End Point.

Riders enjoyed the scenic beauty of the route, weather was very much pleasant and some drizzle and rain at few places. Lots of hotels and shops were available for the riders for the hydration too. Those who were attempting for the first time learnt lots of things from this BRM. Some did not expect that they would finish 200 KM Ride. Terrain was quite good and this scenic beautiful route most of them will cherish the memories they spent on this route.

At the End Point Sooraj Kulkarni along with Tanmay Hangaraki, Prof Satish Annigeri, Karthik Irappannavar, Naman Hangaraki and Shettappa Pirangi were waiting for the riders arrival.

Our first rider Shivaraj Patil who was attempting his Super Randonneur Title ride finished strongly by returning at the end point at 2.47 pm.

Later on rest riders too started coming in groups.

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