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Does Age matters for Cyclists ?

Cycling keeps you young, right down to your DNA—that's a scientifically proven fact. ... In fact, they have telomeres that aren't all that much shorter than their younger endurance-trained peers. That's why people do a double take when you tell them your age…and that never gets old.

Well in Hubballi Bicycle Club you can get many cyclists who are aged 60+ years and they ride 50KMs 100Kms and 200Kms in a month and they are tough rides as well. They will try to participate in almost all the events which Hubballi Bicycle Club conducts. They not only particiate but they do encourage young cyclists and kids to participate in the events and motivate them. They tell how their Health has improved after they started cycling. And you wont believe if someone asks them their age and when they say i am 60+ people get shocked hearing their age coz they look still Young and Energetic. Hubballi Bicyle Club also conducts Monthly Challenges and Quarterly Challenges where they have separate category for 60+ Years

Respect Cyclists

Keep Pedalling

Hubballi Bicycle Club

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