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Cycles carry an Emotional Appeal

Cycles carry an emotional appeal just like other personal products like a cell phone or a wrist watch. Contribution to the environment by Hubballi Bicycle Club members by cycling has lead a healthier life than before and commuting in a much cheaper way. It has been observed that there is consciousness of health among people and for the environment as well. Good news is that seeing the Cyclists of Hubballi Bicycle Club members many have started cycling as well. An observation also specifies how people have toned their body and lost few kilos after they have started cycling. The health benefits of regular cycling include:

1. increased cardiovascular fitness

2. increased muscle strength and flexibility

3. improved joint mobility

4. decreased stress levels

5. improved posture and coordination

strengthened bones

6. decreased body fat levels

7. prevention or management of disease

8. reduced anxiety and depression.

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