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Chamundi Express 1000 BRM

Hubballi Bicycle Club’s conducted its first 1000 BRM with Ride Responsible Shettappa Pirangi marked another success event with 36 registrants from Hubballi Bicycle Club, Dharwad, Belagavi, Bangalore Randonneurs, Audax Mysuru & Trivandrum Bikers Club. 1000 KM distance to be completed in 75 hours was the time frame for this BRM. Riders were well prepared and planned for this ride, but due to some or the other reasons some riders had to give up. Route Detailing was done a month back for this ride to check the road condition, rest point, hydration points, availability of food and water for the riders during the ride. A whatsapp group was created and whoever registered was added into that group and detail pdf manual about the availability of hotels and road condition was sent in the group. There was a briefing session a day before the ride, hot bajjis Along with chai was arranged for the riders. Most of the queries of the riders were sorted out in the briefing session and signing of the disclaimer form was done. Riders were informed to get their drop bag luggage of not more than 5 Kgs. Some of them dropped their bag previous day and few on the event day. All the riders were excited for their 1000 BRM and delicious breakfast (Idli and Chai) was waiting for them at the start point 5.30 am that was Rani Chennamma Circle, Hubli. And as usual the Baid Couples ( Mr Anand Baid & Mrs Kushbu Baid) started serving the riders with hot idli and chai. Most of our BRMs these two couples come 15 min early and make sure that the riders start with hydration.Anand Singh Mokashi known as ASM, Chintan Shah, Stewart Lagali, Gurumurthy B M, Prasanna Joshi, Kaustub Saushikar, Deepak Chavan, Shettappa Pirangi, Subhash Hangaraki along with his son Naman Hangaraki, Ajay Bongale, Lalasab Hadimani, Pujith Jain & Shivanand Dandavatimath had come for the Flag Off which was at 6:00 am. Subhash Hangaraki & Prasanna Joshi started checking for the riders Front & Back Light, Reflective Jacket and Rider numbers. Shivanand Dandavatimath along with Deepak Chavan was managing the drop bags of the riders. Lalasab Hadimani was clicking the pics of the riders. Shettappa Pirangi along with Stewart was cross checking with the riders for their Brevet Card and signing of the disclaimer forms. Anand Baid was doing LIVE streaming on the FaceBook. ASM, Chintan Shah and Gurumurthy B M double cross checked if riders had missed something. Execution of the event was as per the plans which were planned. Clock was nearing 6 am and all the riders were waiting to start, suddenly they heard the countdown 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and Start. Riders started one by one in a line, their first selfie check point was at Hotel Sarvodaya Veg, Chitradurga which was around 220 km from the start point, the closing of the CP was 8.40 pm. Climate was pleasant in the morning and as it hit 10 am riders started feeling slight heat and by 12.00 pm to almost 4 pm it was hot along with the change in the wind direction. At some segments it was cross wind and at some segments it was headwind. Most of them drank water, juice and tender coconut water to maintain their energy and boost them. Hook or Crook they had to ride and it was learning for most of them. Riders had their lunch at different places as per their convenience and pace. First stretch many were exhausted bcoz of the head wind and hot climate. Their next manned CP was Hotel Kings Comfort which was 400 KM from the start point and 200 km from Chitradurga. It was almost dark and some of the riders had their dinner at Sarvodaya Hotel and started heading towards next manned CP. Now the climate was cool and as it was nearing 9 pm chillness started and most of the riders started using their warm cloths and started riding. Some of them even used newspapers inside their jersey to protect from cold. Riders had faced extreme hot climate and now it was dead opposite it was extreme cold. There came another challenge for the riders it started raining and who can stop the riders from reaching their destiny, riders removed their jackets and started riding in the rain.By the time they reached Kings Comfort Hotel some of them were shivering with the climate condition (Hot Cold and Rain). They signed the control sheet had hot chai and coffee. Drop bags were provided for those who ever wanted to change and they got fresh and started heading towards Chamundi Hills where their next Selfie CP was in front of Mahishasura Statue. Riders enjoyed the Beatiful scenic route. Almost 8 km stretch was the Chamundi Hill climb. Riders climbed with their own pace and return to their next manned CP which was again Kings Comfort Hotel, got their brevet card signed and had their dinner and slept for couple of hours and started again towards their next Selfie CP which was Bankapur Toll Gate 60 KM from Hubli. With their own pace the riders were able to complete the Chamundi Express 1000 BRM. With the smiles on their faces marking another markup for the cycling carrier they got themself clicked their pics in front of the 1000 BRM Finisher Flyer which was kept at Sugar & Spice which was the last Manned CP marking completion of 1000 KM BRM. It is an achievement to complete 1000 KM in 75 Hours as proper planning, hard work out and commitment is needed for the same.

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