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Bandipur Tiger 1200 LRM - 10 Degree to 40 Degree Ride

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

Another Fantastic Bandipur Tiger 1200 LRM under the Ride Responsible Prasanna Joshi was conducted for the very First time in Hubballai. Last year we had Chamundi Express 1000 BRM. 7 Strong Riders from Hubballi, Dharwad, Belagavi and Jamnagar participated in this event. Flag off was done by Dr Sandeep Prabhu and Dr Surekha Prabhu, we Thank You for your presence. Thank You Prasanna Joshi, Shivanand Adaganti, Er Gulzar Ahmed, Kaustubh Saushikar, Karthik Irappannavar, Naman Hangaraki, Ajay Bongale and Gurumurthy B M for your presence for the flag off. Route was Hubballi – Gadag – Koppal – Chitradurga – Tumkur – Mysuru – Bandipur – Gundlupet – Kuligal – Hiriyur – Davangere – Haveri – Hubli which is 1200 KM to be completed in 90 hours time frame. Started the ride on 21st December 2022 morning 6:00 am from Oaks 2.0 which was the start point. Second check point was Hitnal Toll Plaza which is 140km from Hubli and next cp was Sarvodaya Veg Chitradurga which is 283 km from Hubli. CC road with heavy headwind for almost 300 km which almost drained riders energy at the start. Since it was a self supported ride riders took a power nap at different locations. Temperature changes was drastic from 10 degree to 40 degree. Got a chance to ride along with 3 powerful riders Raghu Mohan Reddy from Belagavi, Shettappa Pirangi from Dharwad and Manoj Nair from Jamnagar. Salute to 3 riders Subhash Hangaraki, Prashant Hiremath and Siddlingappa Kuballi who dared to attempt this ride and had to quit because of health issues. Bandipur CP closing time was night aroung 12 pm climate was a pleasant with think forest and less movement of vehicles. Drop bag facility was available at Gundlupet at 650km. Riders had option to sleep for some time and get their clothes changed. There was very heavy movement of vehicles between Kunigal Highway to Karejavanahalli Toll plaza to Hiriyur and we felt that it was very dangerous to ride on that particular stretch. Hotel Ranjit which was 950 km was a CP and riders had option to change their clothes and sleep for some time. The last stretch which was 250km all the 4 riders really enjoyed the tail wind which was very much needed after 950km ride. All the 4 Tigers Raghu Mohan Reddy, Shettappa Pirangi, Shivanand Dandavatimath and Manoj Nair completed this 1200 kilometers ride before the cut off which was 11:30 pm of 24th December 2022. This route will be a memory for all who attempted based on this they will all prepare for rest rides. Salute to Raghu Mohan Reddy and Manoj Nair who came all the way from Belagavi and Jamnagar. Salute to our Guru Shettappa Pirangi who is like backbone to me. Thanks to Dr Sandeep Prabhu for giving me guidelines on the long distance rides and some of the tips. A very big salute to Prasann Joshi and Manju Budappanavar for their commitment for this particular ride since they were awake for all 4 days. Prasanna Joshi was the one who drilled into my mind for this 1200 BRM. Thank You Captain Kamal for getting my bike servicing right on time as if it’s his own bike. Thanks to Shivanand Adaganti, Sooraj Kulkarni, Karthik Irappannavar, Subhash Hangaraki, Kaustubh Saushikar, Er Gulzar Ahmed, Raju Naik, Anand Pattanshetti and Sarvesh for welcoming Bandipur Tiger 1200 KM riders at the end point which was Sugar n Spice near Gabbur. Luckily Entire ride no one had punchure. Thank You Hubballi Bicycle Club for arranging such kind of event in Hubballi. Thank you one and all who supported me and others in this event and making a successful one. We look forward many others to join our upcoming events. Every First Sunday Of Month we conduct a ride of 25 – 30 kilometers to promote cycling in Hubballi Thank You all for your support and encouragement.

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