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Aqua Amboli Centenary 300 BRM

Centenary 300 BRM - This ride celebrates 100 years of BRM 300km rides with all riders completing the 300km distance

Another Fantastic 300 BRM conducted by Hubballi Bicycle Club with Ride Responsible Kishore Raiker mark real Centenary 300 BRM Ride from Hubli-Amboli-Hubli a challenging 300 BRM with 2400m Elevation.

Beautiful Scenic Route , along with pleasant climate and rain showers made more challenge fo r the riders to get at the finish point.

6 Particpants from Hubballi and 1 from Mudhol were part of this Centenary 300 BRM.

Flag Off was done by Prasanna Joshi Hubballi Bicycle Club Chairman along with Kishore Raiker, Shettappa Pirangi, Subhash Hangaraki, Deepak Chavan,Subhash and Naman Hangaraki

With Oaks 2.0 as Start Point at 5:30 am all the riders were Flag Offed and first CP was Rani Chennamma Circle, Belgaum.

Riders the time they reached Dharwad High Court they could feel the rain showers showering. They got the jackets and start riding towards first CP. Karthik Irappannavar was waiting for them at the CP. After that the next CP was Nangartas Waterfalls, Nangartaswadi,Amboli where Anand Baid Kishore, Raiker were waiting for the riders arrival.

Pleasant Climate along with Rain Showers made this Scenic Route still more memorable.

Nature has its own beauty and the riders who rode this Centenary 300 BRM will definately not forget this scenic beautiful route and they will cherish these memories throughout their life.

Kishore Raiker, Anand Baid and Karthik were waiting for the riders to arrive and they started asking about the ride experice route and where all they had their breakfast, lunch and all... They were enjoying the buttas near the CP as well.

Next CP was Kittur Rani Chennamma Statue, Selfie and at the end point Shettappa Pirangi, Subhash Hangaraki, Kishore Raiker along with Sooraj Kulkarni were waiting for the riders arrival.

With this Centenary 300 BRM all the 7 riders finished strongly with 4 people attempting for the very first time.

As usual photo session on the ride as well as at the end point made the riders keep those memories cherish.

A big Thank for Kishore Raiker for this beautiful Scenic Route.

Thanks to Karthik Irappanavar, Anand Baid, Shettappa Pirangi, Subhash Hangaraki and Sooraj Kulkarni for the support for this Centenary 300 BRM.

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