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400 BRM Durga Express

Fantastic 4 Hundred Hubballi-Chitradurga-Hubballi

One more BRM from Hubballi Bicycle Club seems to be an awesome Brevet as it was a challenging one. A day before the Brevet there happened to be a heavy rain. Roads were flooded, participants were just thinking how they would manage if it rains on the ride day as it was almost Cloudy, but for surprise the climate happened coped up and it did not rain. Sharp at 5.30 am the Flag Off happened and all the riders started their journey. One rider after 10-15 km had problem with his pedal which he got it fixed. First 60km went well and by that time one rider had punchure he managed to put air in the tyre and started and somehow reached the first check point and removed the punchure at the first check point. Later as all the riders were riding they saw another person who had gone ahead had reversed his bike and was removing the punchure. With taking a break having chikki banana and some eatable stuff the riders started they journey. As they rode the riders started feeling wind in the opposite direction which seemed to be much more challenge for everyone. One person got 3 punchure and got it fixed and rode. One person had to quit after 120 km as there was some problem in his knee.

At the next Check Point and Hydration point which was Genesis Retreat Resort at Davangere around 142 km from Hubli, Davangere Bicycle Club members Nagaraj B R, Vinayak Acharya, Vijay Sai, Mahesh, Tippesh and few more from their club welcomed everyone with watermelon juice, Chikki, Banana and Apple. Riders had their lunch and left for the next U Turn which was Nijalingappa Memorial Trust. They reached and had some Dosa, Idli and Bonda Soup and left to reach back the next check point which was Genesis Retreat Resort. Riders reached the check point and got fresh, had their dinner and left. It was almost 260 kms and left was 140 km. We Thank Davangere Bicycle Club for their hospitality and Support.

Almost all the riders reached the End Point 2-3 hours before the cut-off time.

Another event which was a challenging one and the toughest brevet. Challenge was in terms of relentless headwind, construction work of the roads with gravels and few divertions.

#Respect Cyclists# #Hubballi Bicycle Club#

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