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4 States | 1,325kms | 12,500m | 8 days | Western Ghats | Coastal Route

4 States | 1,325kms | 12,500m | 8 days | Western Ghats | Coastal Route

When you go to the Western Ghats on cycle is something unique experience,difficult to describe in words, natural surroundings into the vast greens of the forest with big and tall trees, picturesque landscapes, foggy and chilled climate, Mountain ranges all around, passing through wild life sanctuaries, clouds covered ranges, amazing sea side beaches , and that beautiful sunrise and sunsets everyday, passionate hill resorts and homes, beautiful places and beautiful people, really a treat for the eyes and soul and work for the legs , roads to these places were very adventurous, very steep climbs, dangerous curves, heights are full of rivers, lakes and waterfall’s, beautiful backwater source's, hill top temples, beautiful fort's and fascinating hill resorts. Endless skies, raising hills, cool breeze into the forest , chirping sounds of the birds , green mango estates , Kaaju farm's , sugarcane farms , tea and coffee estates ,with misty mountains and all of us certainly would love to own a house in such location. That Paddy, coconut and areca nuts farms, unique culture and traditions, variety of foods to eat, friendly people, totally some new experience to life. For the entire distance roads were on an average good with rolling terrain with early morning cold, afternoon scorching heat and humidity and evening head winds made the ride more challenging.Happy to meet and interact with children's, villagers, farmers and bikers on the way. Made some new friends, listened to their amazing stories. Never felt alone or unsafe or boring on the way. It was a blissful journey ."Nature at its best" A must try route for every cyclist. But my only request is respect the nature, not to pollute it, don't disturb the wildlife.

During the journey visited many places and covered ~1325kms with ~ 12500m of elevation gain in 7 and half days. Though it was solo, self supported , unplanned ride throughout the distance but many of my friends and unknown people on the route helped me with the arrangement of the accommodation and food, bike maintenance etc and I am very thankful all of them. Unfortunately had to abandoned the ride on day 8 ,couldn't complete the rest of the 250km ride to dharwad to complete the loop due to rear wheel rim damage . Its was beyond repairable conditions due to bad roads in some section of the route. Anyway no regrets I am able to reach home safely with good memories to cherish for a long time.

Day1: Dharwad -Belagavi -Kolhapur -197km

Day2: Kolhapur -Amba -Jaigad -Ganapathi pule - 195km

Day3: Ganapatipule -Ratnagiri -Devgad -Kunkeshwar-Malvan -183km

Day4: Malvan - Vengurla -Panaji -Margoa -Karwar - 212km

Day5: Karwar -Kumta -Murdeshwara -Udupi -223km

Day6: Udupi -Mangalore -Kasaragod- 107km

Day7: Kasaragod -Sullia -Subramanya -Dharmastala - 145km

Day8: Dharmasthala -Charmady -Kottigehara-Kelaguru - 59km (Abandoned the rest of 250km ride due to mechanical failure)

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