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Spider 600

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Beautifully designed Spider 600 by Karthik Irapannavar.

Well organised another 600 BRM by Hubballi Bicycle Club keeping in mind that every rider will be competing this 600 and titled with Super Randonneur. 24 Riders from Hubballi Bicycle Club, Bangalore Randonneurs, Tri Goa Foundation,Belgaum Pedallers Club,Mumbai Randonneurs,Vizag Randonneurs, Delhi, Bellary, Mangalore participated in this 600 BRM with an intention of bagging Super Randonneur Title.

First of India's Spider Concept from Hubballi Bicycle Club

Spider 600's Concept

Out of the total 40 hours allotted riding time, considering 10 hours for each of the 4 spider legs, here's the break down of your ride time w.r.t. the distance.

First leg: (The Headwinds stretch)

4 am Saturday Morning to 2 pm Saturday Afternoon (10Hours): Hubballi-Kulgeri Cross-Hubballi (100% Day Stretch)

Expect some major head winds in this loop.

National Highway No. 218.Single road.Major traffic. Lookout for fast moving trucks and buses.Lookout for diversions due to road widening.

Recommended place to have breakfast or early lunch:

Navalgund (36th kilometer) or Nargund (58th kilometer)

And broken tarmac at approximately 89th kilometer and 100th kilometer point.

Expect major traffic while entering Hubli back from the first leg.

Second leg: (The Forest stretch)

2 pm Saturday afternoon to 12 am Saturday Night (10Hours): Hubballi-Hangal-Hubballi (50% Day & 50% Night Stretch)

Recommended place to have good sumptuous lunch:

Kamat Hotel (near start point)

Ayodhya Hotel (Opposite Old Bus stand near the check point)

Roughly 6 hours of riding in the dark on this loop. Keep your lights handy.

Expect traffic from Hubli checkpoint until the outskirts of Hubli.

Don't forget to exit National Highway at Tadas Cross, roughly 22 kilometers from Hubli and head towards Tadas.

Reference point for exit: Yatri niwas hotel.

(Hotel Yatri Nivas

After 4.5 km at Tadas, take left at Police Station

(Tadas Police Station and head towards Hangal. (Refer Route map for now details)

State Highway No. 1.

Single road covered with mild stretches of forests on both sides.

Expect least traffic

Hangal (U-turn point): Major Food Outlets available to have Dinner will be at this place near the Hangal bus stand (Checkpoint). So plan accordingly. Plan your hydration as chances of getting water en route while returning back to Hubli is very less.

Third leg: (The Highway stretch)

12 am Saturday night to 10 am Sunday morning (10Hours): Hubballi-M.K. Hubli-Hubballi (65% Night & 35% Night Stretch)

Roughly 6.5 hours of riding in the dark on this loop. Keep your lights handy.

Entirely on the National Highway 48. Expect some major rolling terrain.

Lookout for Dhabas and Tea stalls that may cater Tea/Coffee for your night ride part.

Also keep eyes open for the U-turn point i.e. Hotel Panchavati which is on the other side of the road.

Be careful while crossing the National Highway. We strictly recommend using the service road and underpass which is a few hundred meters ahead for crossing the National Highway. Refer Route map for more details.

Expect traffic while entering the twin cities from Dharwad up to Hubli for a stretch of around 25 kilometers.

Recommended place to have breakfast:

Hoysala hotel or Karnataka bhavan or Hotel brindavan (all at Court Circle, Dharwad)

Or Hotel Antra (Below Hubli Check point)

Fourth leg: (The Shady Stretch)

10 am Sunday Morning to 8 pm Sunday Evening (10Hours): Hubballi-Yellapur-Hubballi (80% Day & 20% Night Stretch)

The last stretch.National Highway 63.Single road.

Expect huge and fast moving traffic with loaded trucks and busses.

90% of the stretch covered in tree shade and lot of villages on the way.

Lot of places to have food and hydration.

Recommend place to have lunch:

Hotel Krishna Rasoi (U-turn point)

Hotel Shanbhag

Hotel Indraprastha

Expect Bottle neck Traffic at the entrance of the City. Maneuver your cycle carefully.

Finish point: A Grand Photo Finish at the End Point being welcomed by the Members of the Hubballi Bicycle Club

Riders started reporting from 3.30 am onwards, Special Thanks for Mr and Mrs Baid (Anand Baid Sir and Khushbu Madam) for getting Home made Tea for the riders. Chikki, Banana and biscuits were available for the riders for Hydration. Flag Off was at 4.00 am. Climate was pretty cool with cold breeze.

Riders started from Rani Chenamma Circle and the 1st control point was KLE IT 2 College Gokul Road with an intention of the head of the Spider.After few km from Hubli we could face head wind and Dr Sandeep Prabhu Sir guided us for the sprint technique so that we could keep the riders not getting drained fast.At the 2 control point around 95 km at Kulgeri Cross Mr Hemanth Bilagi helped us with Hydration. Most of the riders had their breakfast over there and started heading back to Hubli. The time we reached Hubli it was around 180 KM stretch was an awesome as most of the riders pace was pretty good. Got Freshup at the 3rd Control Point at Sai Pariwar had Lunch and started again towards Hangal which was our 2nd destination towards Hangal which was again 75kms stretch from Hubli, challenge was too much of heat in this stretch with almost 38°C, at the control point Mr Subhash Hangarki was waiting for the riders arrival, we started from there and had egg puff, veg puff, chips, cold drinks and started. After few kilometre from there we could spot Watermelon and orange juice stall we stopped over there had almost 2 - 3 bowls of watermelon with lot of salt and orange juice and at one stop Shettappa Sir said lets dance and everyone started dancing and were charged. Here is the link of the same -

Shettappa Sir was on service road sitting and taking rest with whistle and though he was also feeling sleepy he managed to keep us awake with blowing the whistle and it was falling too as he was also feeling sleepy.Again we started and after few kilometer near Dharwad we had Idli Uppit and Shira at Kamat near Narendra Power Station and reached Hubli. Almost 3 Legs of the spider was over with 450 kilometers complition, left was the last leg towards Yellapur. We got checked at Sai Pariwar and started towards Yellapur, since it was day start there was some traffic for few kilometres, little bit road condition was not good near Khalgatgi. We stopped at Kalghatgi had Awalakki, Masar Awalakki. There started elevation and it was hot too, since the road had lots of trees we did not feel that much heat. At Kiravatti we stopped near Hangyo Ice Cream Pvt Ltd had ice cream at one shop over there and headed towards our 2nd last destination which was 23 kilometers. Met Mr Yogesh Bhat at the control point Hotel Sri Krishna Rasoi had rice sambar and started towards the End Point which was 70 kms from there. Again the stretch was of elevation and heavy head wind I was almost drained off and at one point near the Sugar Cane Juice Stall we could see one man waving his hand towards him when i came near him my face was blownup he was none other than Mr Shreekanth Deshpande Sir, he asked the stall guy to quickly prepare sugar cane juice and tapped on my back and said cholo ride maadidri aaram aagi hogi innu bahal ast time aithi niwu almost mugasidri, saying this he told me to have 2 glass of sugar cane juice which boosted and i started towards Hubli, and again when i was nearing Hubli there was traffic and i reached the 9th Control Point ie Sai Pariwar with HBC Organizers and Hubballi Fitness Club members waiting for the riders arrival. With this i was able to finish my 600 BRM and bagging Super Randennour Title.

Lots of Learning from this 600 BRM with respect to Planning, Execution and riding along with co-partners for the smoother finish.

Thank You Hubballi Bicycle Team for this opportunity, HBC Organisers, Anand Baid Sir, Anand Singh Mokashi Sir, Kishore Raikar Sir, Chintan Sir,Shreekanth Deshpande Sir, Dr Sandeep Prabhu Sir, Karthik Anna, Prasanna Sir, Joseph Sir, Gurumurthy Sir, Annigeri Sir, Kamal ( Born 2 Pedal) for getting my bike serviced and fixing things before this BRM.

Thanks to my riding Crime Partners Amit and Ajay.

Raghavendra Sir, Sooraj Bhai, Prof. Manju Sir,Gulzar Sir and the riders with whom i rode. Manju Bhudappanavar and Manju Reddy as well.

I would like to Thank Hemanth Bilagi, Subhash Hangarki, Yogesh Bhat, Young kids Naman, Prajwal Bhat, Sarvesh. Here are the moments of the Spider 600 BRM -

Special Thanks for Shettappa Pirangi Sir for mentoring and guiding me.

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